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  1. Toni says:

    I am toaltly sick of buzz words. What I want as a 72 year old is to be sure that whveerer my care comes from in the future, I will be recognised as an individual and treated as such. We all know that quality care simply means treating people with empathy, with kindness and with patience, with knowledge of their physical and emotional needs and the training to provide what is necessary for someone to live as fulfilling life as possible.We all also know that training costs money, and that care needs to be monitored to ensure the above is happening. The CQC is only as good as the training the staff receive and the number of staff available to do the job which is so essential. The Government appears to be confused about the CGC. I met Andrew Lansley this week, and he agreed that quality care is essential, but when I asked why in that case there was a consultation out about reducing the workload of the CGC so that fewer things were inspected, he did not know about it.I asked him pointblank if the work of the CQC was going to be diluted, and he assured me it was not. The need for quality standards has never been greater, when the Social Services run by local authorities, with their strict monitoring of standards, are being phased out in favour of private care. At this point I usually hear someone saying, But personalisation means choice . No it does not, if the only choice is between different private/independent sector agencies, who may not even register, much less be inspected!The old C G courses 325/1,2 and 3 produced care staff who were informed, and proud of the job they did. Even National vocational Qualifications in Care made people examine what they were doing when they carried out their job.I really do fear for my generations, and yours, if we do not get this right. I look forward to hearing Dilnott next week. Judith Brown Chair Bristol Older People’s Forum.

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