Dementia challenge champion groups report on progress

The 3 champion groups have published a report giving an update on the first 7 months of the Dementia Challenge. The report, ‘Delivering major improvements in dementia care and research by 2015: A report of progress’, outlines the aims, achievements and ambitions of the challenge’s 3 champion groups.

Read the report: The Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia Delivering major improvements in dementia care and research by 2015 A report of progress

Read the annex to the report, which summarises the progress made by the 3 champion groups on the key commitments and actions included in the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia document: Summary of progress against key commitments and actions

You can also read about the achievements described in the report in Progress so far.

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One Response to Dementia challenge champion groups report on progress

  1. jonathan says:

    This is all very well.but earlier diagnosis has implications for resources. With the NHS in a financial crisis, and a population growing older what is the Department doing to ensure that everyone who needs medicines like Ebixia and Aricept will continue to get them if the local NHS trust can’t afford them? What financicial support is being given to carers and their families? Why is making funding for individual families not included in the Challenge? The Challenge needs to look ahead for the next 30 to 40 years .

    I read that the Department and DWP have asked or told the treasury not to proceed with implementting the Dilnot report. The country can look forward to many years of debt, and an unwillingness of government to spend and the inability of local authorities to pay. I urge the government to treat this as its top priririty otherwise no-one will get the level of care they deserve Pension values are falling in real terms so individuals will not be able to afford to a carer or pay the charges required by care homes.

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